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Complimentary Signed Bookplate
If you've purchased a copy of Values of Harry Potter, either in paperback or ebook, and you'd like a signed bookplate mailed at no charge to you, send an email to ari (atsign) freecolorado (dot) com with your mailing address. Please note to whom you'd like the bookplate signed. This offer is good only within the U.S.

International Orders
Those outside the U.S. who are unable to purchase a copy of the Expanded Edition of Values of Harry Potter from Amazon may order a copy directly, provided the U.S.P.S. ships to the location, by sending a valid shipping address and a PayPal payment in U.S. dollars to ari (atsign) freecolorado (dot) com for an amount of $14.99 plus $8 shipping and handling, or $22.99 total.

New Essays Upgrade
This offer applies only to people OUTSIDE Colorado who purchased the original edition of Values of Harry Potter prior to April 10, 2011. Purchase a copy of the new essays from the Expanded Edition in a pdf file by sending proof of original purchase and a PayPal payment of $3 to ari (atsign) freecolorado (dot) com. The file will be emailed to you within a few days, and usually within a few hours. By purchasing a copy of the essays, you agree not to forward any portion of the material to any other party or internet site.

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This book is a work of literary criticism. It has not been prepared, authorized, or endorsed
by J. K Rowling or anyone else associated with the Harry Potter books or movies.