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The adventure stories of the boy wizard Harry Potter tap life's most pressing questions about love and values, evil, free will, and the soul.

Ari Armstrong's Values of Harry Potter explores the complex themes of J. K. Rowling's beloved novels, illuminating the heroic fight for life-promoting values, the hero's need for independence, and the role of choice in virtue. Drawing on the ideas of Aristotle and Ayn Rand, Armstrong then critiques the Christian elements of self-sacrifice and immortality, arguing that they ultimately clash with the essential nature of the hero as exemplified by Harry Potter and his allies.

Values of Harry Potter offers a unique, succinct, and provocative look at Rowling's revolutionary novels for both enthusiasts and critics. The Expanded Edition also reviews the psychology, government, and news media of the novels.

What's 'Values of Harry Potter' All About?

Praise for Values of Harry Potter

"I've read all the Harry Potter novels multiple times, discussed them at length with friends, read essays analyzing them, and even published an essay of my own. Yet Ari Armstrong's Values of Harry Potter offered me a delightful array of fresh insights into J. K. Rowling's works. It offers fans of Harry Potter a unique opportunity to explore the core values of the novels, to discover why we find them so captivating and so inspiring. Readers will develop a deeper appreciation for Rowling's achievement in portraying life-loving, courageous heroes. They will discover compelling answers to any half-formed questions and doubts about the significance of her Christian themes. When I re-read the Harry Potter series—as I'm eager to do again—I will gain far more insight and inspiration from them than ever before, thanks to Values of Harry Potter."

—Diana Hsieh, NoodleFood, "Dursley Duplicity" in Harry Potter and Philosophy

Author's Note

Ari Armstrong resides in Colorado with his wife Jennifer and their cat Cali. Ari writes for FreeColorado.com, AriArmstrong.com, and, with his father Linn, Grand Junction's Free Press.

Buy Now: Paperback $14.99 | Kindle $8.99

This book is a work of literary criticism. It has not been prepared, authorized, or endorsed
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